KrowdSpeak Social

Speak freely and express yourself.

Speak freely and express yourself without fear of being “deplatformed” for your views.

Krowdspeak is free speech and privacy-focused, and gives you the tools you need to connect socially.

Focused on where it counts

We offer a platform that unifies friends, family and networks - not based on interests, tracking or agendas.

You only see updates as they happen.

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Features that make Krowdspeak a Hit

Fast & optimized

Krowdspeak is easy to use and optimized for speed.

Localized Analytics

We utilize local, internal analytics and do not share that data. You won't find Google or Facebook trackers on Krowdspeak.

Easy to use

We utilize all the familiarities of the social networks you are used to.

Feeds, Albums, Blogs and Groups

We offer a friends and global network feed at this time, plus albums, groups and the ability to run blogs.

Free Speech / Free of Press

We aim to allow free speech based on our terms of service and do not allow Press on the site.

Network Feeds

Network feeds include the ability to trigger feed content from location and interest based networks that add an additional layer of interests.

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