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Web Design Inspiration From Other Cultures

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As anyone who works in the web design industry will be able to tell you, finding fresh and new web design inspiration can be challenging. One of the best sources of new inspiration, however, can be found by exploring other cultures that may be all but foreign to you. This will allow you, as a designer, to draw out fascinating and beautiful elements that even the people who live as a part of that culture are unaware of. This article takes a closer look at just some of the cultures that you could be looking into for inspiration:

    • Germany – In design principles and style, the work completed in Germany is actually pretty similar to neighborhood countries, such as Switzerland. There is a heavy emphasis on typography, especially the country’s own traditional fonts (think old, gothic styles).


    • Italy – It can be said that Italy has similar web design principles to other European countries like Germany, except with a more artsy and informal feel. There is a lot of more freedom in the work completed by Italian designers, who also favor the abstract movement.


    • Japan – The web design work in this country is known for mixing its historical culture with modern principles, which is a very innovative move that other countries are yet to do well. Mixing different eras and styles of art can create a very attractive and powerful effect.


    • India – India has only recently moved into modernism, but their web design work (like that of Japan) immediately developed a focus on mixing their traditional art forms into more modern ideas. Many Indian works include intricate patterns that are very beautiful.


    • Australia – When it comes to design work completed by Australians, it becomes clear that there is a strong emphasis on nature – the country is full of vast outback scenes and pretty coral reefs where inspiration is ripe for the picking.


  • Africa – A lot of African design can be considered the opposite of modernism – these people embrace the traditional work of their ancestors and continue to utilize the same methods today. Like Australian art, there is a strong emphasis on the nature and wildlife on the continent (which differs country to country).

There are plenty of other cultures out there that are full of inspiration for anyone working in the art, graphic or web design fields. Why not look at specific African countries (such as Egypt), or the work that has come out of North and South America? You could even explore cultures that have died out over time, such as the Mayans, to see how they can influence your design work. Inspiration is everywhere, all you have to do is look for it.