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As a managed website solution, we create stunning websites for clients that simply don't have the time, patience nor expertise to work on website design.

Design Reinvented

We understand you might not have the time nor patience to create your own website. It's also why we offer some managed website plans. Managed Websites are websites that are typically leased/ The website is completely managed by us, from design to functions, with no worries on your end to maintain.

Website Design Included

Website Maintenance Included

Built on WordPress CMS

Cloud Hosting and Domain and private email included

DNS Managed via Cloudflare

Basic Website

$ 140

/ month

Pages: 5

Visitors: Unlimited

Integrations: None

Custom Website

$ 199

+/ month

Pages: 5 / Products 20

Visitors: Unlimited

Integrations: Ecommerce / SEO /CRM